Our Home Tour: The Hot Tub Room

hot tub room phase one

Remember the hot tub room? What a hot mess. I do have to say though, sometimes I wonder what it would be like had we left it there. um wait, no I don’t. yuck.
hot tub removal phase two

peace out. Just in case you were wondering. That ol’ hot tub has a brand new home at my friend Erin’s house. They have cleaned it up and even used it once or twice and the inside made a nice home for a bird…and a major tadpole infestation.

After new floors and paint this room became a holding place for books, games, records, and other stuff.


When school ended and I knew I wasn’t going back this year. I knew this room was going to need to be way more functional to store all of my school supplies and art stuff. Now it looks like this.

office 2 office 3 office 4

Obviously still a work in progress, but I love having one room where all my random things can live.

The desk is from, you guess it, Ikea. The record player and most of the records were given to us by my dad. I think the fact that we own it and that we even know what it is, makes us exponentially cooler, right?


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