Our Home Tour: The Family Room

Today I get to show you our family room. It’s the place where we spend the majority of our days here at Wong Manor. It’s kinda funny how it went from a storage space for the first 6 months or so into the “roomiest” room in the house.
Even though I have already given you my disclaimer, I feel like something else needs to be said about this room. We literally JUST changed the furniture around. We thought we had it the way we wanted and realized that maybe we weren’t utilizing the space as well as we could have been so one Sunday afternoon we just moved it all around. We like most of the things where they are now, but there are still some things waiting to be hung on the wall and so forth. And there is currently a card table up there serving as Brandon’s at home work space. But the good news is, even though you have to look at pictures of a newly moved around room, you may or may not get to see a cute half naked baby.

family room 8

The tv stand, curtains, and white coffee tables are from…..drumroll please….ikea. How did you know?

Family Room 7

Pretty much everything else is consignment, including the couch and matching chair.

Family Room 6

Family Room 5

Family Room 4

The big dresser is from Ikea too, but we bought it off of a friend and it holds almost all of our games.

family room 3

family room 2

Family Room 1

Maybe in a few weeks I will update you on the family room, or maybe you will just have to come visit us and see what we do to it. 🙂

love you all! Hope you had a great Easter weekend!


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