Our Home Tour: The Master Bedroom

bow chicka wow wow.

welcome to the bedroom.

master 4

But really, who doesn’t have a filing cabinet for a night stand?

Here is the tutorial on those yarn covered letters.

master 6

I should probably hang that chalkboard. He is quite the little nomad traveling all over the house. I think he has lived in every room.

I love these West Elm Curtains. They remind me of one of the first scenes in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. When she stands there as they blow in the wind. Mine don’t blow in the wind, but they do have some black dog hair on them. sexy right?

master 5

My facebook friends will recognize that armoire. Nope, still haven’t painted it. It matches in here though so no biggie. And I probably should cover those box springs, but we are probably getting a new bed soon so..just avert your eyes for now.

master 3

I love that jewelry stand from my mother in law, and that little sign from my friend Annie.

Some of our closest friends here in Charlotte signed that picture for us when we got engaged. Love it so much.

master 2            master 1


Here’s the master bath. We recently bought new towels for the first time since…ever. I read once that you should spend the most money on the things closest to your body like sheets and towels. TRUTH. If it’s been awhile since you have bought new towels. Just do it.

What are you guys doing this weekend?

We are headed out (Sans baby!) to celebrate our sweet friend Annie’s birthday. Then tomorrow may do some mad garage sale-ing (how do you spell that?) We may even pop some tags and do some thrifting. Happy Weekend Y’all!


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