2 weeks without sugar: an update

So here I am.

2 weeks sugar free.

I miss ketchup and chick fil a sauce, but overall I think I am rounding some kind of proverbial corner.

I am starting to like mustard a little bit.

I am hungry a lot. I am sure it’s due to nursing though because I have replaced the sugary foods I used to eat in times of hunger with meals consisting of plenty of vegetables and fruit that will fill me up for longer, and when I get hungry in between I just eat another piece of fruit or hummus or salsa or something else sans sugar.

It’s getting better folks. It’s not all butterflies and rainbows yet, but I can see how it might be eventually. (maybe).

I may have spent a long time smelling a candle that smelled exactly like strawberry ice cream (how do those yankee people do it?) and maybe all the dishes at Ikea yesterday looked like things you could serve a sundae in, and maybe I want to punch the jokester who left that snickers ice cream bar in my freezer, but it really is getting better.

That physical pain I was feeling the first week is gone. I am down a few pounds (which wasn’t the point of this, but is an added bonus) and I actually really like green smoothies. I ran out of supplies this weekend and actually missed them.

Well, I hear a certain babe waking from his nap. See ya soon.


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