A no sugar update: Where I stand.

So it’s been a bit since I updated you on our new sugar free lifestyle around here. So here goes.

 1.I don’t crave sweets anymore. I want them. But I don’t crave them. Does that make sense? What I guess I mean is, I don’t dwell on the fact that I can’t have sweets anymore. It has gone from a “I can’t have that” attitude to a “I don’t eat those things” attitude. Sounds a tad pompous I guess but It’s true. Sugar just isn’t a part of my daily life anymore. So, out of sight out of mind. I actually had to ask Brandon yesterday when May 1st is. So apparently the end of this sugar fast has been low on my priority list.

2. There is ground flax seed in the jar where the sugar used to be. Who am I?. Taking sugar out of our diets has opened a door to an honest evaluation of the things we are eating around here. We don’t want to take out added sugar and replace it with other over processed foods and carb filled things, so we have had to plan accordingly.

3. I have become a label reader. Yes, this makes shopping for groceries a little longer, but I think it’s a decent trade. I pick something off the shelf and give the ingredients list a quick rundown. If sugar or some other kind of corn syrup additive is near the top of the list. It goes back on the shelf. If not, but it still has a ton of stuff that I can’t pronounce, back on the shelf.

4. We aren’t perfect eaters. duh. Actually I don’t even know what that means. yes we eat pasta, yes we eat cheese, yes there is beer in our fridge, yes we still have Taco Tuesday at our house every week and I have been known to eat more tacos then I am proud of and GASP I put sour cream on them too. Lord knows when we finally make it to a baseball game this season you will find me with a big ol hotdog.grace upon grace upon grace. It’s a slow process. We aren’t out to become strict vegans. Someday down the road? maybe. But not now, baby steps Dr. Marvin.

5. The produce section is my new favorite place at the grocery store. I am pretty embarrassed to say, it but in the past, especially before Judah was born, I could easily grocery shop without even stopping in that part of the store. yikes yall, yikes. Now, between veggie omelets for breakfast,eating hardly any meat at home,  and green smoothies once a day, I spend  most of my shopping experience hanging out with the fruits and veggies, and Judah.

God is doing a fresh work in this part of my life ya’ll and I am so thankful for it.


2 thoughts on “A no sugar update: Where I stand.

  1. You’re doing so great! I’m “cutting back” on the sugar (notice I didn’t say giving it up…i’m skeerd), but have found green smoothies to be a great fix when you want something sweet. Also, that whole freeze bananas and then throw them in the food processor until they’re the consistency of ice cream thing is pretty fantastic too.

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