A sugar free update: the eve of May

First of all, how is it May already people??? What in the world. Wasn’t it just New Years Eve?

Well, since tomorrow ends our little sugar fast, I think I  should probably share some thoughts on what my plans are from here.

The truth is, there’s been a change in me. This was something I thought would be impossible when I started because I have given up sweets and things before, only to come to the end of it and go immediately back to the way I ate previously. Now, tomorrow is coming and I haven’t even considered what I may treat myself too. Trust me y’all, I do plan to treat myself, I just haven’t been counting down the days to an ice cream sandwich or something.

I’ve been praying and thinking about what this new lifestyle looks like and have talked to Brandon about it, and to make a lot of thoughts into something manageable for you to read, I think it will look something like this…

Desserts and sweets are for special occasions and for sharing with others. I love to bake and I don’t plan on giving it up but I don’t need to bake an entire batch of cookies just for Brandon and I because he won’t eat more than 1 or 2, and I can’t leave the rest sitting there. So, if I get the hankering to make some kitchen aid magic happen, I will make sure there is a plan in place for giving most of it away. With the amount of people that come and go from my house I think that’s doable.

A ton of bread, pasta, sugary condiments, and processed randomness full of sugar just aren’t necessary. We have learned to live without a lot of those things in our house and there isn’t a reason to go back to them now that we have other foods around to take their place.

I need to find replacements for rewards and treats. New nail polish, bubble baths, fresh flowers, a long walk, time to create.

So that’s the plan for this season. Maybe I will post monthly on the topic to let you know how I’m doing. And so you can give me some accountability and encouragement.

What have I learned? I haven’t gotten it all figured out yet, and probably never will, but I have learned a few things.

1. There are other things to snack on besides sugar filled sweets. (who knew?) And those other things can also taste delicious.
2. My body and mind and skin and brain all feel much better and less blah when I am putting less sugar in my mouth.
3. God is really gracious. He has been very gentle with me in this process.
I had been holding tightly to this part of my life with white knuckle control. I had such a sense of entitlement about what I was eating. Without even being aware of it, I was making decisions about food because I thought I deserved something delicious and unhealthy. I had a hard day, or I had a reason to celebrate or I had to deal with a crying baby, or the sun was shining, or it was raining, or whatever the reason, it had everything to do with finding fulfillment in something sugary. After all this is my body and I can do what I want with it right? wrong. All of that lead to an addiction, and I truly felt like I needed sugar. It was bondage, and God does not desire for me to be held captive by anything other than Himself.

He has slowly and steadily examined my heart this month and brought His truth to light in me. He has brought me to a place where hopefully I can enjoy sugar, and not be bound by it. Thank God for his graciousness. Lord knows I need plenty of it.

p.s. Thanks for coming on this journey with me. Your kind words and encouragement have meant a lot.


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