April proved to be a sweet little month.

We kicked our sugar habit, went to High Point and hung out with family, and the sun came out more often than not so we got to get out and soak it up a little. One time, ok yesterday, I accidentally wore my slippers to Target. I heard all the cool moms are doing it.

May will bring hopefully some more sunshine, leading to more playing outside. The dogs are in obedience school so we will be in full “sit and stay” mode around here. We are throwing a party/ baby shower for our sweet friends the Ervins this coming weekend. We are having sod put down in the backyard!!! (Yay for a place to play without getting all dirty!) Our lovely friend Brittany Webb is coming to visit for a weekend with her little guy Callum and my sister in law will bring herself and my precious niece down that weekend as well. The new season of Arrested Development comes out on the 26th (which makes Brandon really happy. I better catch up on the other seasons.) and to top it all off, Judah’s Uncle Justin is coming home from the World Race! Yay for May!

A joke for you…
Can February March?
I don’t know, but April May!



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