Our First Year of Cloth Diapering: Part 2

cloth diapering

Welcome back to part two of our little cloth diapering series. If you still aren’t interested in reading about cloth diapers, go to youtube and search “prancercise.” You won’t regret it.
If you missed the first action packed feature don’t worry, you can find it here. This post will mostly be about the day to day care and what it really “looks” like to use cloth diapers.

Let me first say that I know I am going to forget to say some things so if I leave something out that you are curious about just ask me in the comments and I will answer there.

Right now, Judah wears an average of 7 diapers a day and 2 to 3 of those usually end up stinky. If a diaper is just wet, it goes into the wet bag in his room to wait to be washed. (just fyi we still use disposable wipes even though I know there are great alternatives out there I just haven’t crossed that bridge yet.) This wet bag has an elastic top so it just fits over the bin like a trash bag. You can find wet bags in pretty much any size shape and color on amazon or your favorite baby store. We like the Planet Wise Brand.

If the diaper is dirty it gets the spray down with the diaper sprayer that is in our bathroom and we have another wet bag in there for those diapers. When Judah was a newborn and only breastfed, we didn’t have a diaper sprayer and unless it was d.i.s.g.u.s.t.i.n.g. I didn’t spray it or “dunk and flush” as they say in the cloth community, I just put it in the wet bag and then into the wash. Some people find this terrifying. Breastmilk is completely water soluble and we had no issues with poop in our washer, but if we did, we totally could have sprayed those too, no big deal. Now that Judah is eating solid foods, I don’t want that mess in my washer, so the stinky diapers get the spray down. You can buy diaper sprayers online, but Brandon watched some online tutorials and built ours on his own and it’s the bomb.

diaper sprayer

We have just enough diapers to last us 2 days, so we wash diapers every other day. Let me be completely honest here: I do not follow all of the cloth diaper rules when it comes to laundry. (gasp) Some people soak their diapers before the wash, I do not. Some people start with a cold rinse, I do not. Some people use specific detergent made just for cloth diapers, I do not. Some moms swear by these things.  I think that those steps might be helpful if the diapers are especially stained or stinky, but we have not had issues with this, so we don’t, but if we did, we would. Does that make sense? I am just not all about extra steps if I don’t think they’re necessary. Capiche?


Here is MY cloth diaper laundry routine. (not recommended for those that like to follow all of the rules.)
1. I dump all the diapers out of both of our wet bags into the washer and then also throw the wet bags in.
2. I use the “hot/cold” setting and the “extra rinse” at the end of the cycle.
3. I use a cap and a half full of purex free and clear laundry detergent. (the extra half a cap is probably not necessary I just think dirty diapers are yucky and deserve a little extra detergent.)
4. I hang them all to dry preferably in the sun. (Our neighbors love us for the window view of our house.) But most of the time they dry at night so they just dry on the rack in the laundry room.
5. done-zo.

Why do we use purex? Because I asked my friend Devan and that’s what she uses. 🙂 There are specific cloth diaper detergent and detergents made just for babies. I haven’t tried any of the ones made for diapers, and the ones made for baby seem to have more perfume and chemicals than the free and clear. But I am considering switching to detergent from the honest company in the future. Mostly because I like the company and what they are all about. While I am on this rabbit trail, you should probably go check them out and get a free bundle. Their disposable diapers are the cuuuutttest. I am thinking about ordering some for our upcoming trip to California.

They say if you let your cloth diapers dry in the sun it helps fight off stains…food for thought. Ours get dried in the sun about 40 percent of the time and we haven’t had any issues with stains. You can also put a little bleach in the water about once a month, but I haven’t had to do that either.

Ok, so what do I do if I am out and about running errands or at a restaurant? I am so glad you asked.
I have a small wet bag that lives inside my diaper bag for moments like this. We also have a medium sized wet bag for day or weekend trips to fit more diapers. If the diaper is just wet, I roll it up and stick it in the bag. I do the same with stinks if I know I will be home soon to take care of it, but if it’s gonna be a while I may “dunk and flush” wherever I am, but I truly hate doing that so most of the time I just pack it up tight (stink secured) and take it home with me to spray there.

Anything else you want to know? Just ask. 🙂 And for your viewing pleasure here is a much younger Judah’s fluffy bottom.

cloth diapers


3 thoughts on “Our First Year of Cloth Diapering: Part 2

  1. I love that you are not using cloth diaper detergent and your wash routine is simple. It blows my mind some of the lengths people go through (3+ wash cycles and extra rinses) when I think they can get away with a much simpler routine. I haven’t done it myself yet, so I guess we will see. I plan on using Tide based on the recommendations at: http://paddedtushstats.com/detergent-statistics/

  2. Thanks for this article! I always wondered what people do with stinky cloths in public lol. I have a 1 year old that I do not cloth diaper but I have a second on the way that I’m def going to cloth. 🙂
    I’ve never heard of the dunk and flush but that’s a good idea for the public places. And I also didn’t know there was a DIY to a diaper sprayer. I will tell my hubby to make this! Thanks 🙂

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