A Surprise Party


I have been very fortunate in the in-law department. My in-laws are awesome.
In the last year, they have celebrated 30 years of marriage, became new grandparents- 2 fold, and this month they are both turning fifty.
Because there is much to be excited about, my sister in-law and I decided to throw them a little surprise lunch soiree.
So last weekend, we invited some of Paul and Diane’s friends out to lunch to celebrate them.


Judah got all dressed up for the occasion, and we drove up to High Point for the day.
We got to the restaurant and set everything up and I was getting really excited.
But when we saw Paul and Diane arrive for some reason I got super nervous. Probably because a few days prior Brandon and his brother were trying to convince me that they had found out somehow and it wasn’t going to be a surprise after all. But….They were totally surprised!


The lunch was really nice and it was a really great way to celebrate a really deserving couple.

party people

Happy birth-aversary, or anni-birthday!

We love you Didi and Papaw!


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