12 months

Happy Birthday Judah!

12 months

Has the best laugh I have ever heard. It comes from deep down in his sweet little belly and shows up all over his face. You can’t help but laugh when you hear it.
Pulls up on everything and scoots around all of our furniture.
Crawls all over the dogs and laughs at them often.
Is incredibly easy going. (except when left in the church nursery…womp womp.)
Is a really great eater, and has been known to out-eat his mom, but is also great at making an epic mess.
Is getting so curious and focused on things like stacking up blocks or throwing a ball and figuring out how to do it correctly.
Waves with both hands up above his head.
Bops up and down to music and claps when people cheer for him.
Does “cheers” with his sippy cup to whoever sits by him at dinner.
Gives a great high-five.
loves to splash in any water…including the dog bowl.
has changed so much in 12 months time, and has changed his parents too. (in the best way possible)

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