Oh I how I love the summer! It’s been really great so far, hot, but great. We are spending a lot of time outside lately and I love it.
June was a really special month. We spent so much time with our family throwing surprise parties and having photos taken and even my parents were able to come down for a long weekend to help us celebrate Judah’s first Birthday. Our friends Seth and Janet had a little baby boy and no joke…5 of my friends told me this month that they are due with more precious babies at the end of the year. Our bestest friend Heidi  came and visited us for a weekend, that’s us eating chicken feet at a dim sum restaurant (bottom right corner). And instagram got video! Woot Woot!

July is starting off with our big trip to LA and Judah’s first time on an airplane (prayers appreciated). And then, although we have a few small things planned there is nothing big or stressful in the works so we plan on laying low and soaking up as much summer fun and sun as we can. But, at the very end of the month, our friends Christine and Tracey, who are currently living in Chile….are coming to Charlotte!!!! AHHHH!!! I could burst with excitement to see them and their new little babe. Hop on over to their website to learn more about what they are up to in Chile.

Well, I hope your June was great. If you want to follow me on instagram, you can find me here.


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