The Wongs and The West Coast

Well we’re back and mostly recovered from our week in Los Angeles. We went with only a few things planned and of course our days end up packed with things to do with friends and family which was great!

Judah (and his parents) survived his first plane ride.


He did really well. Slept a little, played a little, ate a little, cried a little. All in all we were relieved. It was nice to have Brandon’s brother with us on all flights as extra help.


You guys, we ate so much good food. That’s kind of what vacation is for right? My body isn’t so pleased with me now that we are back, but it really was delicious. Pictured above is In-n-out, Hawaiian shaved ice, Korean Tofu, Dim Sum, ice cream, Philipe’s french dip, and ohhemmmgeee, the pie hole. Go there people, just do it. We had a slice of chocolate ganache with a salted crust and a slice of earl grey tea pie. Mark my words, there will be pie in Heaven.

But, there is more in than LA than just food.
cali friendsWe saw so many friends! Our friend Kinsey whom I went to high school with and she went to Taylor with Brandon and I, lives in the Hollywood area and we got to see her twice, our friends the Canadas who live at Westmont, our friend Brian who is currently getting his doctorate (smarty pants) at UC Santa Barabara, Matt who also went to Taylor with us who lives in Santa Monica, and to end the world’s longest run on sentence, our friend Abby who was just passing through on a road trip from Ohio all took time our to see us and meet Judah. It was really really special seeing each of them and getting to see a little of their west coast lives.

Both sides of Brandon’s extended family lives in LA (the primary reason for visiting,) so we spent most of our time with them hanging out and catching up. My sister and brother in law and niece also came out for the week so that everyone could meet both babies at once.

It was a really great time! Even though getting away from home for a week with a baby in tow can be stressful at times, it was totally worth it to have an adventure and see a lot of friends and family. I hope you all had a great week too, and a great Fourth of July!j and illy 2


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