a coffee date…

recipe for crazy print


If we were to meet up for coffee I would probably order a chai tea latte with soy milk because I don’t go out for coffee very much so I would want it to be something I really liked even if it costs a little too much and tastes like Christmas in the middle of summer.
I would tell you that I feel like I am somewhere in the “in between.” Before we left for vacation I felt like we had a nice little schedule going and things were on track and now I don’t know when to do what. Like the list gets longer and all I want to do is sit and read the 300 blogs that I missed out on while I was gone. And I would ask you not to judge me by that 300 number, and since we’re such good friends you would just nod and tell me those sheets in the dryer will probably put themselves on the bed if I wait a little longer.
And I would tell you about our sweet time on the west coast and how I am already counting down the days (30) until our week at the beach with Brandon’s family.
I would want to hear about your life too because honestly I feel like my days at home with Judah, although I wouldn’t trade them, aren’t very “exciting” in real life terms. I would listen to you talk about your life and live vicariously through it even though you probably don’t think yours is very “exciting” either. Isn’t that funny how that works.
I would tell you that I made my first shopping trip to Aldi this week. You would probably be a little shocked that I turned my back on my beloved Trader Joes and I would assure you that I haven’t abandoned him, I just wanted to see what all the low price hype was about and that I bought 4 cases of strawberries for 99 cents a piece. ninety nine cents.
Chances are Judah would be with me so our conversation may get interrupted at times if he isn’t waving at smiling at everyone else there. Please know that I am still listening even if I look distracted by him.
I would tell you about this sweet little thing we started a few months back called “taco wednesday” and how it used to be on Tuesday but we had to change it and that I look forward to it every week because some of our sweetest friends show up and we eat tacos off of paper plates and catch up and poke fun at each other and it’s so simple and sweet and I might make you promise to stop by sometime because anyone who wants to come is invited anytime they can make it.
By this time it would probably be time for Judah to take a nap so I will have to leave. It would let you know what a great time it was and how glad I am we got to catch up.

How about you, what would you tell me on our coffee date?


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