Thirty is the new Twenty. right?

Have you heard? Thirty is the new Twenty?
I literally have no idea what that means.

But I hope it’s not true.
My twenties have been great (mostly). God has quite literally taken me apart piece by piece, helped me to examine so much of who I truly am, and shown me the way that He wants me to be put back together. I went from awkward college freshman to just a bit less awkward college graduate. I have seen parts of the world I had never even imagined visiting. I have stepped out in faith, and conquered big big fears, and at times have fallen flat on my face.. God has opened so many doors, and closed just as many, and He has given me just the most beautiful and sacred friendships. I started my career, loved it, and walked away from it for the sweetness, and often times challenging work of motherhood. I have felt a friendship grow into a deeper love and then into a lifetime covenant yet still remain a friendship.

I am now headed into my last year as a 20 something. And I am looking forward to my thirties.
Brandon and I, with the inspiration from some friends of ours, have started to put together our (drumroll please)
“30 before 30” list. Basically consisting of 30 goals or things we would like to do before we both turn 30. We turn thirty within about a month of each other so it works out that way, plus it’s just a fun little thing for the crazed list-maker inside of me to do and then pleasurably mark them off as we get them done. No biggie if we don’t complete them all, it’s just nice to have some goals in mind.

We are thinking that most likely the list will be about 10 things that are just for me, 10 things that are just for him, and 10 things we can do together, give or take a few depending on the things we come up with. So far the list has 7 things on it. (womp womp) none of which were provided by my darling husband…(cough) But we aren’t giving up! Hopefully we can finish the list by my 30th birthday in September. When it’s finally finished I will share with you all so you can help us keep track of our progress.

So….have you ever made a list like this?? We are obviously in need of some help and are open to suggestions. It can really be anything, (within a little bit of reason of course) Think “wholesome” suggestions, ha. And things that are reasonable… rafting the Nile is on my lifetime bucket list but probably not something feasible to complete in the next year. Budget friendly things would be great too.

Can’t wait to hear your suggestions!


2 thoughts on “Thirty is the new Twenty. right?

    • Love these ideas! The running might be a stretch…but we may be up to the challenge. Tattoos is definitely worth considering, we have already been skydiving together back before we were dating, and bungee jumping literally makes me want to pee in my pants just thinking about it. 🙂

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