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beach books

It’s no surprise to anyone around here that even though we just went on vacation a few weeks ago to the west coast, I am already counting down the days until we head to the beach in a few weeks. Although our west coast vacay was fantastic, there is just something about spending a week at the beach without an agenda that makes me all giddy inside. Even though we have to take a ferry to get there and we plan on taking everything but the kitchen sink to provide the perfect beach resort for our tiny mancub. You gotta bring All. The. Things…just in case right?

Anyhoo, I plan on taking some magazines with me because small articles are probably all I will be able to enjoy on the beach while watching Judah experience the sand for the first time (eeeee! yay!) BUT, he does still take 2 naps a day so I am sure there will be some time to dive into a good book.

Confession…..It’s been a while since I’ve read a book. Like a big good book. I had a baby and I really like hanging out with him when he’s awake and well, sleeping, when he’s asleep.  So my book reading time took a backseat and now I feel majorly out of the loop when it comes to good books these days. So can you help a sista out? I enjoy pretty much all genres…except sci fi..sorry, wait, not sorry. It can be anything from the classics to something that was just published, maybe you feel like everyone has read it, or it’s something only the kool kids have heard of.  What have you read recently, or not so recently that you would recommend for me to take with me to the beach?



2 thoughts on “Beachy Reads

  1. Hi Laci! I was stalking your blog for the cute pictures of Judah and couldn’t help but notice this post. Here are a few of my suggestions (that I absolutely won’t be upset if you don’t take)!

    The Shack by Wm. Paul Young (Christian/Philosophical Fiction)

    The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (Fantasy)

    Marriage Matters by Cynthia Elligsen (Chick Lit – Author is a friend of mine!)

    The Fall of Giants by Ken Follett (Historical Fiction)

    Tuf Voyaging by George R.R. Martin (Sci-Fi/Fantasy Short Stories)

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