The Promise and The Details.

I find that probably too often I am looking for what is next. New house? New business? New vacation spot? New baby? New adventure? New pet? New church? New husband?  kidding kidding on that last one, (you are never getting rid of me Mr. Wong). Some people find it easy to be content and to sit and soak up their current season. I do try my best to be that way. To soak it all up with gratitude. To breath in these moments. These moments we have been given as still kind of newlyweds, as new parents, as growers, as learners, as disciples, as teachers, as friends, as family members. These right-now, in this very season moments. Because these moments are truly beautiful and I don’t want to think back and feel like I have missed any of it, or the growth that comes from it because I was so anxious for what was to come next.

But God has created me in such a way that I know I will always feel the stirring for what’s next. The hopeful anticipation of a new adventure. Of just a glimpse of what God has to offer us in the next season. I feel that stirring now. So I find myself stretched. From sitting glued to the now and soaking it all up, to being pulled to the next piece of God’s plan and His story in us. That’s probably how it will be until we get to Heaven, when the now will be forever and we won’t even desire the next because the current will be perfection. Amen! Oh how I long for that.

I think all of this is good. The wanting to breath in the now, and the anticipation of what is to come. All of that is good. It’s contentment with an open hand for God to work in me and grow me and transition me into the next part of His story. The thing is that I try to rush it.

God plants a promise in my heart, He creates a stirring for the next adventure and my reaction is to say “Thanks God, I’ve got it from here!” He gives the promise, and I try to take the details. Because I can get it done faster right? Because God has given me an able mind and body so I must be able to have control over this part right? Because I couldn’t possible WAIT any longer right? There are all these tiny seeds of promise growing inside of me and our family….why can’t they all come in my timing? in my strength? with my planning?

Because God not only wants us/me to trust Him in the promise He has planted, but also in the fruition of that promise. He wants us to trust that He has it allllll under control. Even the details. Now, I am pretty sure that doesn’t mean we step back and do nothing. I am confident that it means we continue to open our hands to him and when he presents open doors to us that we walk in faith towards his promises but that if those doors don’t present themselves in the pace that we believe they should, that we open our hands again in faith to believe that His timing is better than ours and we don’t run to find other doors to run through to get to that promise on our own accord.

There are some women in the bible who I have read about recently that have tried to open their own doors. Women like Rachel, Rebekah, and Sarai. Women who God had made promises to, and in their anxiousness tried to fulfill those promises in their own planning and strength. The good news is, things still turned out well for them. That God didn’t turn his back after they didn’t fully trust Him in the details.  But He showed them, that in His perfect grace and timing, “all things work for the good of those who love Him.”

Thank God for grace. For picking me up and dusting me off when I fail him time and time again. Thank God for planting promises and fulfilling them, and thank God for making me a part of His story here on Earth.
Lord, help me to fail when I try to get things done on my own accord, but to daily open my hands in surrender to the promises and the details of what you have for me and my family as a part of your beautiful story.

How about you? How do you find balance between soaking up the now and racing on to what is next?


One thought on “The Promise and The Details.

  1. oh gosh…I live in this tension constantly and so appreciate this reminder this morning. our family just entered a season of a LOT of big changes and my heart has been filled with this overwhelming urgency to make things work out the way I think they need to. this post is like the 4th reminder in 24 hours…all saying the same truth I so need to hear. I so want to be the Ruth and Esther and Mary in this season of life and very clear that it must be His grace working in me to help me rest and trust. just this morning I read Isaiah 30:15…”…in returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and trust shall be your strength…”

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