The Past Two Weeks.

Currently, I am sitting on the couch, with my feet up r.e.s.t.i.n.g. because y’all, these past two weeks have been a dooooozy. In the BEST way. Next to me is our packing list for the beach. We leave in 2 days and I am entering into the “madness before we get on the road” phase, but I don’t mind it because at the end my toes will be with our family and in the sand. There is so much to do before we leave, but for now I am going to sit here and finish this cup of coffee and most likely make a playlist because no vacation/road trip is complete in my eyes without the most perfect playlist. amIright?

Let me recap the fullness of the past few weeks around here.


Our former pastors and friends, Ben and Casey,  were in town from Denver just for a few short days and I managed to not get one good pic of us together, but we did meet up for an hour or so at the spraygrounds. It was Judah’s first time and he pretty much loved his life until he was crawling around and got an unexpected spray in the face.
We just love them. Ben was the pastor that married us and we were a part of their church plant for several years here. It was a really sweet but short time to catch up.

high point

I drove up to High Point for one day because Judah had a little photo shoot for the Buy Buy Baby Christmas catalog. We will find out in a few weeks if his handsome little face will be in the catalog or not. I’m not yet sure how I feel about having a baby model in the family but he had so much fun playing with the toys during the shoot, he got to practice his blue steel, and we got orange mocha frappuccinos after.  Plus it gave us the perfect excuse to stop on by and see Brandon’s family while we were there.


My friend Michelle came to Charlotte just for the weekend so we got to meet up for an impromptu lunch. She, La’Tasha, and I taught together for five years, but now Michelle is all fancy and lives in New York City.  It was really good to catch up and we are crossing our fingers that she will move back to Charlotte soon so we can see her WAY more often.

meeting coen

I wish I had words big enough to explain the joy that those pictures above give me. I feel like my heart might just burst, so I am going to type this next part as quick as possible before the tears start to flow.
Two years ago, Brandon and I dropped off my friend Christine and her husband Tracey at the airport as they began their lives as missionaries in Santiago, Chile. They are dear friends to us and I may or may have not cried on and off the whole day they left. Since that day, both Christine and I have had babies, subsequently missing each other’s entire pregnancies, and many other fun life changes, aside from Skype and emails of course. When they told us that they were headed back to the states this summer for a few weeks, we couldn’t have been happier. We were only able to spend a few short days with them while they were here because they had so many other family members and friends to see, but we soaked it up with baby cuddles and game playing and good conversation. And Judah and Coen got to meet and I think I literally felt my heart leap inside me.
babes and babes
We made sure and got our sisterfriends together for an afternoon of chasing babies and catching up. So much love for allllllll these ladies. (Baby Coen was asleep for that bottom picture so just pretend he is in there. )


That’s my friend Erin. She’s going to be so excited I put this picture of her on here. 🙂 Erin is a friend of ours that lives here in Charlotte. Yesterday was her birthday, and she got engaged! (check out her new bling!) I am so excited for her and can’t wait to dance at her wedding! Last night we went out to celebrate her. (Thanks Jess for babysitting so Brandon and I could go out!) We went to this amazing burger place we had never been to called Kickstand Burgers. Erin ordered a burger that had a beef patty between 2 grilled cheese sandwiches (pictured above) craziest/ most delicious thing I have ever seen.

There ya have it folks, the longest blog post ever. I guess I’ll go start packing working on the playlist for the beach.


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