Bald Head Island


I guess since I am writing this post it must mean we are back from the beach. sigh. We were there from Friday to Friday and after we got home and the baby was asleep and we were settling in on the couch, Brandon said to me, “I have felt so stressed since we got home.” Darn you beach, for making us feel so relaxed that even the comforts of home make us feel stressed. (Don’t worry we had a good weekend and the feeling of stress has subsided.) 

Bald Head was so beautiful. There are no cars, it is pretty much totally covered in trees besides where the homes are, the sandy shore, and the marsh. You should go to their website and check it out, their pictures are way better than mine. It was my first official vacation with the Wong side of the family and it was fabulous. The Boggs family also joined us (my brother in law’s mom, dad, and brother.) 

on the ferry golf carting


Like I mentioned before, there are no cars allowed on the island so we parked our car for the week and took a 20 minute ferry ride to the island. There were 2 golf carts at the house where we stayed and they were our transportation for the week. 

fishin and crabbin


There were plenty of things to do on the island including, fishing, crabbing, paddle boarding, kayaking, alligator wrestling, etc. etc. 
Most of my time was spent with Judah and my niece Iliana at either the pool or the beach and that was A-OK by me. 
pool Judah and Illy at the beach

Getting to hang out with Judah while he experienced the beach for the first time was one of my most favorite parts of our vacation.

first time at the beach buried by papaw

Judah and Daddy



That picture up there of Brandon’s first real ponytail is probably worth noting. 

We did plenty of exploring the island, which included trying out all of the ice cream shops and partaking in a drum circle.

pier walking drum circle


We had a really great week making family memories and were really sad it had to end. Judah was especially sad to not have any more occasions to wear his beach shirt.

hawaiian shirt

Until next time Bald Head.

beach families



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