A coffee date


If we were meeting up for coffee, I would probably only have half a cup because I am trying to quit. I would tell you I missed it terribly but it’s probably best because I put way to much creamer in it to justify it as “coffee” anyway. I would talk about how Judah has been sick the last few days and I hate feeling so helpless when my baby isn’t well.

I’d ask you how you’re feeling about the last days of summer. Are you trying to squeeze in a little more fun? Have you purchased all your school supplies? Even though I don’t have kids in school I still want to write with freshly sharpened pencils and buy a pretty notebook. you too? This is my second year that I haven’t been getting my own classroom ready, and it’s this time of year that I miss teaching the most. Getting my classroom ready, making the “big” overarching plans for the year, and meeting the students at open house.

If you asked how my etsy shop was going. I would say that it’s such a sweet place for me to be creative and show other people my product. It’s  no booming industry, but that wasn’t what I had in mind. I would also let you in on a little secret that there is a new product on it’s way to the shop soon.

I’d tell you that Brandon and I have been busy coming up with good ideas for our 30 before 30 list and that we are up to 25 things! I am pretty exciting about finishing it and starting to mark things off.

If we got onto the topic of tv I would tell you that although we don’t watch it that often, we love masterchef, and I hope Krissy gets kicked off pronto. And that even though we have been watching for almost a year now, and I have delayed watching the final episodes because I will hate for it end, we are almost done watching Friday Night Lights. What about you? Do you have favorite shows?

I’m glad we got to meet up. Please pray for Judah as he gets over his sickness, and how can I pray for you?

XOXO Laci.



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