Thirty By Thirty: The List is Complete!

If you remember from this post, Brandon and I have been working on a little “30 by 30” list. We will both be turning 29 in the fall which gives us a little over a year to work on completing the things on the list. Although we will be working hard to complete them, we will not be devastated if we do not get to check them all off by the time we are 30, and we obviously won’t be limiting ourselves to only doing the things on the list. duh. So without further ado…

30 before 30

Alright so a few notes about the list…the things in purple are for both of us to do together, the pink things are for me, and the one lonely blue guy is for Brandon alone, (I have super low iron which always restricts my blood giving capabilities.)

There are a few things on the list that I feel may warrant some explanation.

3. Master five hairstyles: I currently have 2 hairstyles…down and up. looking to spice it up a bit. Maybe I’ll bring the high side pony back.

5. Cook eggs five ways: It means I want to be able to cook eggs five different ways really well. Like if a guest wants a poached egg, or sunny side up, or fried or whatever, I will not only know what all those things are, I will be able to cook it atleast almost to perfection.

16. Make a baby: We realize this is a risky one to put on the list. What if we have trouble getting pregnant? what if we have a miscarriage?  Well, I am hoping that this blog is a safe enough place to talk about those types of things if they should occur.

26. Saw something: yeah, like with a saw. in the garage, wearing safety goggles or something. I haven’t sawed anything since 8th grade shop class and it was some weird butterfly lamp base that I never actually finished.

Alrighty. Here we go. Wish us luck? If you make a list of your own I would love to hear about it!


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