August was ridiculously good to us. We started it off at the beach, and ended it celebrating my sweet niece’s first birthday. (more pics on that to come.) The in between involved Judah growing 8 (no kidding) new teeth and it causing him to be sick for a few days.  But thankfully he came out feeling much better, and now he can eat steak or something I guess. Bruce Wayne turned 1. (Happy Birthday Buddy!) and our dear friend Erin had a birthday and got engaged. 🙂

September is a big month in our family. Sooooooo many birthdays. (including mine) so I am sure there will be plenty of celebrating. I am taking an online dslr camera course that I am super pumped about from Ashley over at Under the Sycamore. Other than that no big plans, just gearing up for fall and maybe buying some new boots since last year’s pair have seen much much better days. What are your big plans for September?

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