Donut Date

If we were going to meet up for coffee today, I would suggest we find the nearest Krispy Kreme. Because in honor of National Talk Like a Pirate Day, If you do in fact talk like a pirate, they will give you a free donut. I like free things, especially donuts. I actually like pirates too if you didn’t know that about me.  I would probably just get a regular glazed. I am a plain, free, donut kinda girl. Unless Grandpa Ralph is picking them up on Sunday morning then I might want a bearclaw just for nostalgia sake.

I would probably tell you that donuts always always remind me of my best friend Mary. She loves donuts and I love her. I haven’t seen her in a year. But I would stop talking about it right there so I wouldn’t cry.

Isn’t it funny how one tasty treat can bring forth so many precious memories?

I would tell you that my birthday is coming up. Saturday. I’ll be 29. I love celebrating birthdays. It’s so special that we all get our own little day to feel celebrated and loved on. There are approximately 53 birthdays in the Wong family in September so we will all be celebrating together on Saturday. Hopefully I will get Brandon to sneak me away for a Bruster’s waffle cone sometime that day.   Hopefully he’s reading this.

I think 29 is gonna be a good year. Like the exclamation point on my 20s. The 20s have been real good to me, they deserve an exclamation point.

As we considered buying a second donut, cause let’s be real if you are at Krispy Kreme one just may not be enough, I would tell you that Brandon and I haven’t officially taken the pen and marked anything off of our 30 by 30 list. But that we have in fact made plans too. We’ve already gone out twice without Judah. It helps that we currently have a roommate who is fine sitting around while Judah sleeps and we slip out together. My sister in law taught us the basics of knitting and we just need to practice, we made plans to visit my grandparents, out of state, for Christmas, and we were invited to a November wedding which means dancing in public. All good stuff.

I would ask how you are doing. I would gush about how amazingly beautiful the weather has been and that I can’t wait to finally buy some new boots and usher in fall. I would admit I haven’t yet truly marked the beginning of the season by buying a pumpkin spiced latte but I had considered it. Maybe I would break my recent coffee fast by getting one on the way home.

I’m glad we got to hang out. Hopefully it won’t be long until we get to do this again. 😉


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