I turned 29.

You guys, I had a birthday and it was great. šŸ™‚

We spent my actual birthday-day in High Point celebrating all of the Wong September birthdays, and it was really fun. There was even a pinata and I learned an important lesson….if I ever need something swung at really hard, I just need to call my sister in law.



Brandon, knowing that I am a gift girl did really really well with these super amazing mixed media prints from one of my favorite artists. They had been sitting in my etsy shopping cart for months.

The following weekend, some of the Wongs came down to Charlotte to visit us/ babysit while we went out to birthday dinner with some of my friends. That morning, Kristin, Iliana, Brandon, Judah, and I went to the Lazy Five Ranch. It’s pretty much a drive through petting zoo. I don’t have any photos because Judah was fairly terrified once a cow with really long horns decided to stick his entire head in the window. I’m really glad we went though, it was fun. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside because it was so darn nice out!

IMG_6178 IMG_6173 IMG_6161 9-28-13

That evening we went out to roosters for dinner with our friends, and the next morning we had dim sum with the family.

Birthdays are great, and this one was no exception.


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