30 by 30. An update.

30 before 30 (1)

So Brandon’s not even 29 yet and we’ve already made some headway on our list. woot woot!

15. learn to use our dslr:
I took a snapshop course from AshleyAnn Photography. I really really liked it and learned so much about finally using our dslr on manual. My iphone is of course still my go to camera of choice, but I have loved grabbing our camera and actually being able to take some great photos. I obviously still need some practice but yay for maybe just buying a tripod and taking our own Christmas photo this year!  If you are looking for an online dslr course I would definitely recommend this one.

16. Make a baby.
Well, if you saw our post from earlier this week, than you know we’ve done it. It still needs to bake a while, but consider that baby made.

20. do archery
We totally did archery this weekend at the Carolina Renaissance Festival and it was so fun. It was super cheap and I wasn’t good at it at all. Hopefully we will get a chance to do archery again this year but we did have fun shooting the 15 arrows we bought this weekend. (a post to come on the festival soon.)

So, three things officially marked off and 27 to go. There are already plans in the works to complete several more things really soon so that’s exciting!


One thought on “30 by 30. An update.

  1. Lacy – You and Brandon can accomplish number 19 by flying to Seattle to visit Margie and I you know you want to.

    Also, the week of Christmas I’m going to be in Raleigh/Durham. We most definitely should try to get together, if you aren’t back in Indiana visiting your folks! Hope you are well, and congrats on the new Baby!

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