Carolina Renaissance Festival


A few weekends ago we got some friends together to head to the Carolina Renaissance Festival outside of Charlotte. I have lived in Charlotte for over 6 years and I had never been. It had always seemed a little pricey and not quite something that I would enjoy. Oh my goodness was I wrong.


Although the ticket to get in was 22 bucks, all the food and drinks and things to do were totally reasonably priced so I didn’t feel that bad about it after all. Plus, this place was huge! It seriously went on forever. We could have easily spent a whole day there.


The people watching was superb. Plus there were all these free little shows going on along the street. There was magic, singing, comedy acts, glass blowing, fire breathers, ribbon flying, and full jousting was set up. It really was the real deal. Judah loved it all. There were a ton of rides and games for kids that I am sure he will enjoy next year. One of his favorite parts was watching people throw tomatoes at a guy who shouted insults. I have know idea why he liked it so much but he could have stood there laughing for a while.


There was archery and axe throwing and other games for adults as well which was pretty fun. I think we shot 15 arrows for 3 bucks or something.


If  you are still on the fence about going to the festival this year I would definitely recommend it. It is open every Saturday and Sunday in October and November. IMG_0221 IMG_0223 IMG_0228 IMG_0231

I’m so glad we went, and that our super awesome friends came too. I have a feeling this is something we may try and do every year. I love finding little gems like this around our area.


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