Carolina Balloon Fest

Last weekend we drove about an hour North to Statesville, NC to go to the Carolina Balloon Fest. We had never been before, but it sounded pretty fun and it wasn’t far away, so we figured we would give it a shot. As you will be able to tell from the pictures, it was a very cloudy and kind of rainy day. We were worried for a while that they actually wouldn’t be able to launch any balloons (womp womp,) but thankfully by the late afternoon the sky cleared up enough that they could! This post is a little picture heavy but I hope you won’t mind.


Judah and Brandon in their matching plaid. We realized in the car on the way there that all three of us were wearing plaid. true hipsters.


When the balloons weren’t launching there were several other things going on. There was a whole kids section with inflatable things and magic shows and laser tag. There were also tents set up with things that you could buy and several places to hear live music, and plenty of prime spots for people watching.

There was no shortage of things to eat. This is Judah tasting his first funnel cake. It was no elephant ear, but they don’t really do those down here.


We were really glad when the balloons started to go up. These first three were tethered down so that people could go up fifty feet and come back down. We saw several couples get engaged or who had gotten engaged. So sweet. IMG_0320

Here’s me showing off my plaid. And Baby Wong #2 as you can see, is not wasting any time getting noticed. 12 weeks and already showing a bit, about 4 weeks earlier than I showed with Judah.
IMG_6231 IMG_0332 IMG_6232

Judah pretty much just liked running around in the grass and meeting other babies. He was really great all day. IMG_6264

It was probably around 4:30 or 5 when they started launching and I would say we watched 30 or more take off. It was really cool. IMG_6271 IMG_6279 IMG_0339 IMG_6285 IMG_6286 IMG_6290 IMG_6303

After the launch, several more balloons inflated and then just sat there parked. Some had kind of funny shapes. IMG_6311

That big black one in the back left of this photo is kind of triangular shaped and is solar powered which is kind of cool.

IMG_6332After dark, several of the balloons were there to be a part of the nighttime glow. We left around 7:30 and overall, even though the weather wasn’t awesome, we had a really great time and I definitely think this will be something we try to do every year.


3 thoughts on “Carolina Balloon Fest

  1. It’s the second largest balloon festival in the country! I grew up about a mile and a half from there. We used to sit in lawn chairs in our driveway and watch them go up. There were a couple years the wind blew the right direction and a few landed in our neighborhood. Always looked forward to that weekend.

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