Coffee Date


Well hey there. I know I’ve been a bit absent around here lately. But here I am. Grab a cup of coffee or something warm, it’ll be hot chocolate with extra mallows for me, and let’s chat.
Things around here have been pretty calm. I have been deep cleaning our house thanks to some inspiration from Dana. I pick one room a day to do either while Judah plays and makes a mess or while he naps. I’ve also been watching Parenthood. Probably one of the best shows ever. Have you seen it?
Even though I try my darndest to not do Christmasy things until after Thanksgiving, for some reason, this year I am extra into the Christmas spirit. I want to pull the boxes down from the garage and start decking the halls. Maybe I’ll go ahead and decorate the day before Thanksgiving so when we get back from out of town it will all be done. When do you start decorating? And what are your thoughts on getting a real tree with a toddler running around?
We got our family pictures taken this weekend. It was a last minute decision that I am really glad we made, and I can’t wait to see how they turned out.
What are your plans for Thanksgiving? We have our anatomy scan for Baby 2 the Tuesday before,e but are going to just ask the nurse to write down the gender for us so we can find out with the Wongs on Thanksgiving day. Brandon and I are anxious to find out the gender but also just to see him or her and make sure everything is going well.  I’m also anxious to see Brandon’s family and my favorite niece.
Thanks for hanging out for a while. Hopefully we can chat again soon. 😉


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