17 months

Judah is 17 months.

IMG_6583He will talk your ear off a mile a minute, but just say “nope” when you ask him to do something specific. Say hi to Grandma, “nope.” Sit down, “nope.” Come this way, “Nope.”


He gets a little sad when we leave him in the nursery or with a babysitter but then warms up quickly and doesn’t seem to have missed us by the time we have returned.


Gets involved doing one single task and sticks with it for a long time. Things like transferring blocks from one container to another, going down the slide over and over, or pretending to answer his plastic cell phone.


He mostly likes to talk to us using words we don’t understand, but he does know a few actual words. His favorites are Bruce, this, snack, teeth, nope, ball, please, cheese, hi, bye, night night, and bath.

I’m often amazed at what he understands. I’ll say things like, “go tickle daddy’s feet” and he does it. Or “go find your cho0 choo” and he can find it hidden someplace. He can also use the remote to turn on the tv, yikes. IMG_6607

His laugh continues to be probably my most favorite sound in the whole wide world. It’s just so jolly. IMG_6610

He’s definitely a toddler now. He knows what he wants and how to at least try and get it done.
We love this little guy so so much.


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