I always say every month has been good. I’m most usually telling the truth, and November was no different.
It started and ended with a bang.

At the beginning of the month our friend Erin and Scott got married in just about the sweetest darn barn wedding I’ve ever been too. It was tons of fun and just a really sweet night of celebrating them and their new marriage. Brandon’s birthday was later that week and we celebrated by going out to dinner and trying to see a movie but we are old and couldn’t stay up late enough to watch it (true story.) We also through a classy and sassy surprise party at our house for our friend Janet’s 30th birthday complete with corn dogs, Justin Beiber cake and the wobble. hilar.

I turned from that pregnant woman who looks like she may have just eaten a large burrito into one who gets asked when she’s due by people at the grocery, which is a relief in some ways. I hate that awkward in between stage. And I’ve decided I am not one of those woman who grows out when she’s pregnant, I grow around. Oh the joys.

Thanksgiving weekend was as sweet as it’s been in many years, and it will get it’s own complete post in a few days. We spent a couple of days in High Point with the Wongs and found out the gender of Baby Wong 2. Then Brandon planned a weekend in DC for us. Judah came with, and we stayed with our friend Heidi and saw If/Then with the fabulous Idina Menzel. Neither she nor the show disappointed.

Alrighty, I plan to post a few more things in the coming days to catch you up on our gender reveal and our Thanksgiving goodness plus how I feel about being at the halfway point in this pregnancy so hopefully I’ll see you around. 🙂



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