Thanksgiving 2013 Part One: Gender Reveal

Thanksgiving was a bit extra special this year because we found out the gender of Baby Wong #2.
The Tuesday before Thanksgiving we had our anatomy scan and the nurse made us close our eyes a lot so we wouldn’t spot the goods before she wrote it down in a little envelope for us. Brandon and I kept trying to get Judah to look at the screen when we couldn’t, but he just wouldn’t comply. He just kept making animal sounds and saying “baby.” Typical, cute but not very helpful.
Upon arriving home, I gave the envelope to our roommate Julia along with 2 packages of balloons, one pink and one blue, and a needle. Her job was to poke holes in all of the colored balloons that weren’t for the gender of the baby we were having. So I spent most of the day Wednesday avoiding the balloons and packing for our long weekend away.
Wednesday afternoon we headed to High Point, NC to Brandon’s parents house. We stayed there Wednesday night and early on Thursday morning before the parade, my niece and sister and brother-in-law came over so we could have our little reveal with the whole family there. Everyone picked the color of balloon that they thought the baby might be.
Below is the video from our little reveal, excuse the parts where we chase babies around, and the obnoxious music coming out of the toy that Judah is carrying.

It’s a boy! Judah’s getting a little brother.I didn’t actual think the incorrect balloons would pop, just inflate a little and deflate, but it did add to the excitement of the moment.
I spent some of that day in a bit of shock about having 2 boys. It’s gonna be a bit of a wild ride I think, but I anticipate lots of fun in our future.  Anyone with two boys want to share some insight? I’m gladly accepting any and all advice on raising boys. 🙂



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