pregnancy 1

As of last Tuesday, I was 20 weeks pregnant. As in, halfway through this pregnancy. In some ways it feels like I should be more than halfway, and in someways it feels like I should be much less. My due date is just over 4 months away and that seems really far and super close at the same time.
This time around has been different in a few ways than it was with Judah. From about weeks 10 to 12 I was pretty nauseous, but thankfully that has passed. I had a lot of hip, back, and leg pain with Judah from about day one which I haven’t had (yet) with this one, praise Jesus! I am sure that it is partly due to being more pregnant in the winter this time but I am insanely congested. I am thankful for a friend lending us her humidifier which is making sleep happen much easier. I started showing about a month earlier this time which I hear is to be expected, but hopefully I don’t end up larger than last time because, yikes. As far as cravings go, this time it’s sweets for sure which is unfortunate. Although I did for a few weeks early on crave prepackaged breakfast sandwiches, seriously that’s not a joke. Why can’t I crave spinach or carrots? It’s gonna be hard to resist eating allllll the goodies this season.
Overall this pregnancy has been pretty uneventful and good. I am one of those people who enjoys being pregnant, (well as long as they continue to be pretty easy, ha.)
We are extremely thankful for this healthy baby boy and we don’t take lightly the miracle we are getting to take part in. Thanks for all of your kind words and prayers as we continue for the second half of this pregnancy.



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