Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that your season was filled with joy and rest and celebration, and if it wasn’t, than I am at least glad for you that it’s over. 🙂 Here is a little recap of what our Christmas celebrations looked like this year.

We started with a Sunday afternoon of opening gifts, just Brandon, Judah and I. Judah is getting the hang of the whole presents thing. He isn’t a pro yet but he gets that it’s for him and that it’s probably going to be fun to play with after dad finally gets it unwrapped, out of the box, assembled, and the batteries installed. He totally gets distracted during the whole thing though, and kept bringing us his bible to read to him instead of moving on to the next gift. So we incorporated some impromptu bible reading (aka animal sound making and saying baby while pointing at any baby he sees) with the present opening, which isn’t such a bad idea anyway. 
Christmas at Home

We didn’t buy anything new for Judah this year because we knew the rest of our family would get him plenty of things, but we did have some extra gifts from his birthday that we had set aside for Christmas. He loved them all and had no idea he had seen them before. The remote control dog was probably the biggest hit. Brandon got pour over coffee accessories, and I got so many good things including books, boots, and pyrex dishes.

On Monday we headed to High Point to spend a few days there with Brandon’s side of the family. Christmas Eve was spent opening gifts with the immediate family, going to the Christmas Eve service at their church, and a buffet of catered food from Christmases around the world.
High Point Christmas Eve
On Christmas day we were blessed with made-to-order omelets for breakfast followed by more family gift opening including a “green santa” exchange where we wrapped up things from our homes, and a really funny game where we tried to open a well wrapped package using oven mitts. High Point Christmas Day

There was also plenty of food and chasing/playing with the babies, and plenty of tim tam slams. Some of us did more slams than others. (read: our friend Shivani, pictured bottom middle)

After dinner on Christmas day, we drove back to Charlotte so that Judah could sleep and we could quickly pack and get up early for our 7am flight to sunny Florida to see my parents and grandparents. The flight was smooth and on time, my parents were delayed a bit coming out of Indiana but they made it down that day as well.
Florida Christmas Jetty

It was really great seeing my family. We hadn’t seen my parents since Judah’s birthday in June, and my grandparents since our last trip to Indiana in February. We spent four days in Florida, mostly relaxing and enjoying the 80 degree sunshine. Judah got a kick out of climbing the rocks by the Jetty and of course the pool was a hit. Florida Christmas

It was a good time for us to catch up, play cards, and watch Judah run around.
Florida Christmas FamilyChristmas was a bit of a whirlwind this year but we had a really good time, and next year there will be 2 little Wong boys to enjoy it with. 🙂


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