A Coffee Date

Hi there. Why don’t you grab a mug of something warm and sit down with me for a sec. I’ll pretend that my son is fast asleep and not pretending like we both don’t need him to nap, and you can pretend whatever is bothering you doesn’t exist either, just for a minute or two.

How do you decorate your house this time of year? I’m stuck somewhere between Christmas and Valentine’s Day wondering if it’s worth it to leave the “winter” decorations up (read, Christmas decorations that aren’t red and green) or just go for it and hang the hearts. I’m left with a half decorated mantle and drinking today’s coffee out of mug with snowflakes on it. Maybe if I delay the decision long enough it will be acceptable to just go with Valentine’s Day decor anyway.

My current state of pregnancy is somewhere between anxious and what the heck was I thinking. All day I find myself wondering how I will do what I do with 2 babies. I’m brushing my teeth and imagining one hooked to my leg and one strapped to my front. Before Judah was born it was all butterflies and roses imagining life with him in it (at least that’s how I’ve chosen to remember it) and this time I’m a wee but panicked. That’s normal right? I’m sure he’ll get here and it will all go perfectly smoothly and I’ll wonder how we ever did life without him. Bahahaha.

Did you make any new year’s resolutions? What are they? How are you doing so far? I know myself to well to make certifiable resolutions, like things you can count and measure, because the second I fail, I dive head first in the opposite direction, work out every day= miss a day and don’t ever work out again, keep my house clean= get a little behind and then forget it all and not pick up anything for weeks. It isn’t pretty people. For me it’s about heading in a direction. What direction do I want to see my life, my family, my home, my blog, my business, this year. And if I get a little off track it’s ok, as long as I don’t turn completely around and head the other way. Maybe I’ll pray a little more about it and then post about my directions for this year.

Ok so I guess it’s time to stop ignoring that sweet boy not napping. I’m glad we had this little time together. I’ll be praying for you as you start this new year. That God would show you clearly what he is already working and planning in your heart and that you would be able and willing to join Him in it.

xoxo Laci


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