19 months

Oh Judah, somewhere between a baby and a full-blown toddler. IMG_6805

He says thank you, probably more clearly than any of his other words, and for just about everything. It melts us.

He is obsessed with books. You will be hard pressed to find him without one during the day, and they are strewn all over his room, the house, the car, etc. IMG_6816

He loves chrucks. Every noise outside must be a chruck. His Didi got him a chruck book for Christmas and I get the pleasure of reading it with him several times a day. IMG_6822

He’s a fan of bas-et-ball. IMG_6830

We’re a fan of the way he claps for himself after making a shot.IMG_6840

Happy 19 months Judah Obi Wong.IMG_6841


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