Shop Talk

I’ve added a few fabric flowers to the shop that I kind of love. 😉

The first set comes with Team USA in mind. The olympics are coming up so soon, and how festive are these? Plus, you can keep them around for independence day. win.


The second set is technically for Valentine’s Day, but I’m thinking a little girl could use some hearts in her hair pretty much anytime of year. Am I right?


Some of your are thinking, “These are super cute, but the little girl I have in mind is bald.” Don’t worry, you know what I always say. “Bald babies need bows too.” Amen. You’re in luck, I have headbands in the shop in multiple colors…including white, which I feel like goes perfectly with all of the new flowers.

There are also plenty of pairs of earrings left in the shop of you are looking for gifts for any of your friends. Think birthdays, Valentine’s Day, just simply because you love them.

You can click any of the links in this post to find your way to my shop. Or Click Here. Happy Shopping!


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