Zoo Day

Brandon had this Monday off due to MLK day, and we were blessed with some beautiful 60 degree weather, so we trekked to Asheboro, NC to the North Carolina Zoo. We met Kristin and Brian (my sister and brother in law) and our niece Iliana.  IMG_6863

Judah was pretty into seeing the animals. When he spotted one, he would point right at it, and usually make it’s animal sound. He mostly just liked running along the path though. Which was a good thing since we forgot the stroller, ha. IMG_6867


The Asheboro zoo is beautiful. really spread out with plenty of room for the animals, which means a whole lot of walking for the humans. IMG_6882


25 weeks pregnant, and the walking felt good, until the next day. yikes.

The highlight of the kiddo’s day was probably the large floor fans in the aviary. Judah couldn’t get enough of his hair blowing in the wind.IMG_6915

And Illy got in on the fun too. IMG_6920

(Quacking at the ducks)
IMG_6922This peacock running around gave Judah quite a shock, but Illy was ready to catch him. 🙂

It was a really fun day! It’s really special to get to do these things with Judah before his little brother comes along.



pregnancy 1

As of last Tuesday, I was 20 weeks pregnant. As in, halfway through this pregnancy. In some ways it feels like I should be more than halfway, and in someways it feels like I should be much less. My due date is just over 4 months away and that seems really far and super close at the same time.
This time around has been different in a few ways than it was with Judah. From about weeks 10 to 12 I was pretty nauseous, but thankfully that has passed. I had a lot of hip, back, and leg pain with Judah from about day one which I haven’t had (yet) with this one, praise Jesus! I am sure that it is partly due to being more pregnant in the winter this time but I am insanely congested. I am thankful for a friend lending us her humidifier which is making sleep happen much easier. I started showing about a month earlier this time which I hear is to be expected, but hopefully I don’t end up larger than last time because, yikes. As far as cravings go, this time it’s sweets for sure which is unfortunate. Although I did for a few weeks early on crave prepackaged breakfast sandwiches, seriously that’s not a joke. Why can’t I crave spinach or carrots? It’s gonna be hard to resist eating allllll the goodies this season.
Overall this pregnancy has been pretty uneventful and good. I am one of those people who enjoys being pregnant, (well as long as they continue to be pretty easy, ha.)
We are extremely thankful for this healthy baby boy and we don’t take lightly the miracle we are getting to take part in. Thanks for all of your kind words and prayers as we continue for the second half of this pregnancy.


Thanksgiving 2013 Part One: Gender Reveal

Thanksgiving was a bit extra special this year because we found out the gender of Baby Wong #2.
The Tuesday before Thanksgiving we had our anatomy scan and the nurse made us close our eyes a lot so we wouldn’t spot the goods before she wrote it down in a little envelope for us. Brandon and I kept trying to get Judah to look at the screen when we couldn’t, but he just wouldn’t comply. He just kept making animal sounds and saying “baby.” Typical, cute but not very helpful.
Upon arriving home, I gave the envelope to our roommate Julia along with 2 packages of balloons, one pink and one blue, and a needle. Her job was to poke holes in all of the colored balloons that weren’t for the gender of the baby we were having. So I spent most of the day Wednesday avoiding the balloons and packing for our long weekend away.
Wednesday afternoon we headed to High Point, NC to Brandon’s parents house. We stayed there Wednesday night and early on Thursday morning before the parade, my niece and sister and brother-in-law came over so we could have our little reveal with the whole family there. Everyone picked the color of balloon that they thought the baby might be.
Below is the video from our little reveal, excuse the parts where we chase babies around, and the obnoxious music coming out of the toy that Judah is carrying.

It’s a boy! Judah’s getting a little brother.I didn’t actual think the incorrect balloons would pop, just inflate a little and deflate, but it did add to the excitement of the moment.
I spent some of that day in a bit of shock about having 2 boys. It’s gonna be a bit of a wild ride I think, but I anticipate lots of fun in our future.  Anyone with two boys want to share some insight? I’m gladly accepting any and all advice on raising boys. 🙂


Guess What!?

Big Bro

Yep, you guessed it.

Big Bro

This little guy is going to be a big brother.

Big Bro

Baby Wong #2 is due April 29th, and we are really excited about it.

Big Bro

Thank you for your prayers, support, and tips for having two babies. 😉

Big Bro

(The glasses belong to Judah’s uncle Justin and he seriously loved wearing them. What a goof.)