A Coffee Date

Hi there. Why don’t you grab a mug of something warm and sit down with me for a sec. I’ll pretend that my son is fast asleep and not pretending like we both don’t need him to nap, and you can pretend whatever is bothering you doesn’t exist either, just for a minute or two.

How do you decorate your house this time of year? I’m stuck somewhere between Christmas and Valentine’s Day wondering if it’s worth it to leave the “winter” decorations up (read, Christmas decorations that aren’t red and green) or just go for it and hang the hearts. I’m left with a half decorated mantle and drinking today’s coffee out of mug with snowflakes on it. Maybe if I delay the decision long enough it will be acceptable to just go with Valentine’s Day decor anyway.

My current state of pregnancy is somewhere between anxious and what the heck was I thinking. All day I find myself wondering how I will do what I do with 2 babies. I’m brushing my teeth and imagining one hooked to my leg and one strapped to my front. Before Judah was born it was all butterflies and roses imagining life with him in it (at least that’s how I’ve chosen to remember it) and this time I’m a wee but panicked. That’s normal right? I’m sure he’ll get here and it will all go perfectly smoothly and I’ll wonder how we ever did life without him. Bahahaha.

Did you make any new year’s resolutions? What are they? How are you doing so far? I know myself to well to make certifiable resolutions, like things you can count and measure, because the second I fail, I dive head first in the opposite direction, work out every day= miss a day and don’t ever work out again, keep my house clean= get a little behind and then forget it all and not pick up anything for weeks. It isn’t pretty people. For me it’s about heading in a direction. What direction do I want to see my life, my family, my home, my blog, my business, this year. And if I get a little off track it’s ok, as long as I don’t turn completely around and head the other way. Maybe I’ll pray a little more about it and then post about my directions for this year.

Ok so I guess it’s time to stop ignoring that sweet boy not napping. I’m glad we had this little time together. I’ll be praying for you as you start this new year. That God would show you clearly what he is already working and planning in your heart and that you would be able and willing to join Him in it.

xoxo Laci


Coffee Date


Well hey there. I know I’ve been a bit absent around here lately. But here I am. Grab a cup of coffee or something warm, it’ll be hot chocolate with extra mallows for me, and let’s chat.
Things around here have been pretty calm. I have been deep cleaning our house thanks to some inspiration from Dana. I pick one room a day to do either while Judah plays and makes a mess or while he naps. I’ve also been watching Parenthood. Probably one of the best shows ever. Have you seen it?
Even though I try my darndest to not do Christmasy things until after Thanksgiving, for some reason, this year I am extra into the Christmas spirit. I want to pull the boxes down from the garage and start decking the halls. Maybe I’ll go ahead and decorate the day before Thanksgiving so when we get back from out of town it will all be done. When do you start decorating? And what are your thoughts on getting a real tree with a toddler running around?
We got our family pictures taken this weekend. It was a last minute decision that I am really glad we made, and I can’t wait to see how they turned out.
What are your plans for Thanksgiving? We have our anatomy scan for Baby 2 the Tuesday before,e but are going to just ask the nurse to write down the gender for us so we can find out with the Wongs on Thanksgiving day. Brandon and I are anxious to find out the gender but also just to see him or her and make sure everything is going well.  I’m also anxious to see Brandon’s family and my favorite niece.
Thanks for hanging out for a while. Hopefully we can chat again soon. 😉

Donut Date

If we were going to meet up for coffee today, I would suggest we find the nearest Krispy Kreme. Because in honor of National Talk Like a Pirate Day, If you do in fact talk like a pirate, they will give you a free donut. I like free things, especially donuts. I actually like pirates too if you didn’t know that about me.  I would probably just get a regular glazed. I am a plain, free, donut kinda girl. Unless Grandpa Ralph is picking them up on Sunday morning then I might want a bearclaw just for nostalgia sake.

I would probably tell you that donuts always always remind me of my best friend Mary. She loves donuts and I love her. I haven’t seen her in a year. But I would stop talking about it right there so I wouldn’t cry.

Isn’t it funny how one tasty treat can bring forth so many precious memories?

I would tell you that my birthday is coming up. Saturday. I’ll be 29. I love celebrating birthdays. It’s so special that we all get our own little day to feel celebrated and loved on. There are approximately 53 birthdays in the Wong family in September so we will all be celebrating together on Saturday. Hopefully I will get Brandon to sneak me away for a Bruster’s waffle cone sometime that day.   Hopefully he’s reading this.

I think 29 is gonna be a good year. Like the exclamation point on my 20s. The 20s have been real good to me, they deserve an exclamation point.

As we considered buying a second donut, cause let’s be real if you are at Krispy Kreme one just may not be enough, I would tell you that Brandon and I haven’t officially taken the pen and marked anything off of our 30 by 30 list. But that we have in fact made plans too. We’ve already gone out twice without Judah. It helps that we currently have a roommate who is fine sitting around while Judah sleeps and we slip out together. My sister in law taught us the basics of knitting and we just need to practice, we made plans to visit my grandparents, out of state, for Christmas, and we were invited to a November wedding which means dancing in public. All good stuff.

I would ask how you are doing. I would gush about how amazingly beautiful the weather has been and that I can’t wait to finally buy some new boots and usher in fall. I would admit I haven’t yet truly marked the beginning of the season by buying a pumpkin spiced latte but I had considered it. Maybe I would break my recent coffee fast by getting one on the way home.

I’m glad we got to hang out. Hopefully it won’t be long until we get to do this again. 😉

A coffee date


If we were meeting up for coffee, I would probably only have half a cup because I am trying to quit. I would tell you I missed it terribly but it’s probably best because I put way to much creamer in it to justify it as “coffee” anyway. I would talk about how Judah has been sick the last few days and I hate feeling so helpless when my baby isn’t well.

I’d ask you how you’re feeling about the last days of summer. Are you trying to squeeze in a little more fun? Have you purchased all your school supplies? Even though I don’t have kids in school I still want to write with freshly sharpened pencils and buy a pretty notebook. you too? This is my second year that I haven’t been getting my own classroom ready, and it’s this time of year that I miss teaching the most. Getting my classroom ready, making the “big” overarching plans for the year, and meeting the students at open house.

If you asked how my etsy shop was going. I would say that it’s such a sweet place for me to be creative and show other people my product. It’s  no booming industry, but that wasn’t what I had in mind. I would also let you in on a little secret that there is a new product on it’s way to the shop soon.

I’d tell you that Brandon and I have been busy coming up with good ideas for our 30 before 30 list and that we are up to 25 things! I am pretty exciting about finishing it and starting to mark things off.

If we got onto the topic of tv I would tell you that although we don’t watch it that often, we love masterchef, and I hope Krissy gets kicked off pronto. And that even though we have been watching for almost a year now, and I have delayed watching the final episodes because I will hate for it end, we are almost done watching Friday Night Lights. What about you? Do you have favorite shows?

I’m glad we got to meet up. Please pray for Judah as he gets over his sickness, and how can I pray for you?

XOXO Laci.


a coffee date…

recipe for crazy print


If we were to meet up for coffee I would probably order a chai tea latte with soy milk because I don’t go out for coffee very much so I would want it to be something I really liked even if it costs a little too much and tastes like Christmas in the middle of summer.
I would tell you that I feel like I am somewhere in the “in between.” Before we left for vacation I felt like we had a nice little schedule going and things were on track and now I don’t know when to do what. Like the list gets longer and all I want to do is sit and read the 300 blogs that I missed out on while I was gone. And I would ask you not to judge me by that 300 number, and since we’re such good friends you would just nod and tell me those sheets in the dryer will probably put themselves on the bed if I wait a little longer.
And I would tell you about our sweet time on the west coast and how I am already counting down the days (30) until our week at the beach with Brandon’s family.
I would want to hear about your life too because honestly I feel like my days at home with Judah, although I wouldn’t trade them, aren’t very “exciting” in real life terms. I would listen to you talk about your life and live vicariously through it even though you probably don’t think yours is very “exciting” either. Isn’t that funny how that works.
I would tell you that I made my first shopping trip to Aldi this week. You would probably be a little shocked that I turned my back on my beloved Trader Joes and I would assure you that I haven’t abandoned him, I just wanted to see what all the low price hype was about and that I bought 4 cases of strawberries for 99 cents a piece. ninety nine cents.
Chances are Judah would be with me so our conversation may get interrupted at times if he isn’t waving at smiling at everyone else there. Please know that I am still listening even if I look distracted by him.
I would tell you about this sweet little thing we started a few months back called “taco wednesday” and how it used to be on Tuesday but we had to change it and that I look forward to it every week because some of our sweetest friends show up and we eat tacos off of paper plates and catch up and poke fun at each other and it’s so simple and sweet and I might make you promise to stop by sometime because anyone who wants to come is invited anytime they can make it.
By this time it would probably be time for Judah to take a nap so I will have to leave. It would let you know what a great time it was and how glad I am we got to catch up.

How about you, what would you tell me on our coffee date?