Y’all, 2014 ain’t messin around or slowin down. Am I right?
How cliche is it to say, “I can’t believe January is over!” Well, I said it.


January has been, cold. Really cold. But that’s all I will say about that since my midwest family and friends have been locked in their homes for a month, probably much colder than I. Despite the cold, we did manage to do some really fun things like go to Discovery Place Kids, and the Zoo. I also have added some new things in my etsy shop. Judah started swim lessons and he is having a blast going once a week.
I’ve got big plans brewing for the blog and the shop in the coming months, hopefully before Baby Wong 2 makes his grand appearance. Getting the new nursery ready is also on the schedule for February.
Oh yeah, Happy Chinese New Year! We’re planning on going out for Chinese food this weekend to celebrate. What are you up to?

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As expected, December did not disappoint. There were babies born, and parties thrown, and trips made, and weight gained, and a baby Jesus celebrated.
I can’t wait to tell you guys all about our Christmas Break and all the fun we had. Until then, Happy New Year and see you in 2014!

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I always say every month has been good. I’m most usually telling the truth, and November was no different.
It started and ended with a bang.

At the beginning of the month our friend Erin and Scott got married in just about the sweetest darn barn wedding I’ve ever been too. It was tons of fun and just a really sweet night of celebrating them and their new marriage. Brandon’s birthday was later that week and we celebrated by going out to dinner and trying to see a movie but we are old and couldn’t stay up late enough to watch it (true story.) We also through a classy and sassy surprise party at our house for our friend Janet’s 30th birthday complete with corn dogs, Justin Beiber cake and the wobble. hilar.

I turned from that pregnant woman who looks like she may have just eaten a large burrito into one who gets asked when she’s due by people at the grocery, which is a relief in some ways. I hate that awkward in between stage. And I’ve decided I am not one of those woman who grows out when she’s pregnant, I grow around. Oh the joys.

Thanksgiving weekend was as sweet as it’s been in many years, and it will get it’s own complete post in a few days. We spent a couple of days in High Point with the Wongs and found out the gender of Baby Wong 2. Then Brandon planned a weekend in DC for us. Judah came with, and we stayed with our friend Heidi and saw If/Then with the fabulous Idina Menzel. Neither she nor the show disappointed.

Alrighty, I plan to post a few more things in the coming days to catch you up on our gender reveal and our Thanksgiving goodness plus how I feel about being at the halfway point in this pregnancy so hopefully I’ll see you around. 🙂




Yes, I realize we are well into November. But I didn’t want to miss out on recapping October because it was just so good! For starters, it finally turned to fall around here. We got to go to the renaissance festival, the pumpkin patch, Potted Potter,  and to the hot air balloon festival. Judah and Illy were the cutest Pebbles and BamBam there ever were for Halloween. Plus we spilled the beans on the new Baby Wong.

November has already started off with a bang. I sold some things from the shop at a market and it was really great. Plus one of our bestest friends got married. This weekend we threw a surprise birthday party for our friend Janet, and now we are gearing up for Thanksgiving and finding out the gender of the new baby!

What are you guys looking forward to this month?



Apparently I wasn’t big into instagram in September. 6 photos? really? I will try and pick up the slack in October.

September was spent sweetly celebrating family. There were lots of September birthdays which meant lots of time spent together and lots of good food. 🙂 I will write a post soon about my special 29th birthday.

October brings more celebrating with bridal showers, baby showers, and bachelorette parties. It’s sure to be a good time. Plus we have a pretty fantastic family style halloween costume planned. Brandon and I will be celebrating 3 years of marriage on the 10th.

Hello officially to fall. Hello lattes. (just a few…still trying to kick that habit and doing pretty well) Hello hoodies. Hello soups and warm biscuits. Hello boots and plaid and comfy scarves. Hello October.

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August was ridiculously good to us. We started it off at the beach, and ended it celebrating my sweet niece’s first birthday. (more pics on that to come.) The in between involved Judah growing 8 (no kidding) new teeth and it causing him to be sick for a few days.  But thankfully he came out feeling much better, and now he can eat steak or something I guess. Bruce Wayne turned 1. (Happy Birthday Buddy!) and our dear friend Erin had a birthday and got engaged. 🙂

September is a big month in our family. Sooooooo many birthdays. (including mine) so I am sure there will be plenty of celebrating. I am taking an online dslr camera course that I am super pumped about from Ashley over at Under the Sycamore. Other than that no big plans, just gearing up for fall and maybe buying some new boots since last year’s pair have seen much much better days. What are your big plans for September?

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I can’t believe July is over but oh man was it a good one. We started the month off in Los Angeles with Brandon’s family, the rest of the month was spent soaking up summer in the backyard and just outside in general (when it wasn’t one of the 20 days it rained here in Charlotte), hanging out with friends, (Those are our sweet friends from our Taylor days, the Cases, in the bottom row. They stopped by on their way home from the beach and it was sooooo good to see them), and looking for a new church home. There are so many good churches around here I am not sure how we will ever choose one. We have ended the month with more friends in town. The Keitts, who currently live in Chile are here for a few weeks and man it does my heart good to hang out with them and their new sweet baby boy.

The most exciting thing we have going on in August is our week long trip to Bald Head Island. Eeeeeee!  I can’t wait! I am sure there are some other things that will pop up as well. I may even head to Target and buy some school supplies just for fun. 🙂

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Oh I how I love the summer! It’s been really great so far, hot, but great. We are spending a lot of time outside lately and I love it.
June was a really special month. We spent so much time with our family throwing surprise parties and having photos taken and even my parents were able to come down for a long weekend to help us celebrate Judah’s first Birthday. Our friends Seth and Janet had a little baby boy and no joke…5 of my friends told me this month that they are due with more precious babies at the end of the year. Our bestest friend Heidi  came and visited us for a weekend, that’s us eating chicken feet at a dim sum restaurant (bottom right corner). And instagram got video! Woot Woot!

July is starting off with our big trip to LA and Judah’s first time on an airplane (prayers appreciated). And then, although we have a few small things planned there is nothing big or stressful in the works so we plan on laying low and soaking up as much summer fun and sun as we can. But, at the very end of the month, our friends Christine and Tracey, who are currently living in Chile….are coming to Charlotte!!!! AHHHH!!! I could burst with excitement to see them and their new little babe. Hop on over to their website to learn more about what they are up to in Chile.

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I hope that your May was as awesome as mine.
We through a super fun baby shower at our house for a little man who is currently cooking 6 days past is due date. (God Bless his mama.) We have grass in our backyard now! We have officially entered fresh fruit season, yummmmm. I celebrated my first Mother’s Day.  The dogs have graduated from solo training to group training. I opened my etsy shop (finally.) I got bangs. Our sweet friend Brittany and her little boy Callum came to visit which also meant a visit from my sister and brother in law, and niece. and Uncle Justin came home from 11 months on the world race!

What’s in store for June you ask? Well…..
1.Something super secret that I can’t tell you about right now. (no, I’m not pregnant)
2. Heidi is coming!
3. Judah turns one!!!

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April proved to be a sweet little month.

We kicked our sugar habit, went to High Point and hung out with family, and the sun came out more often than not so we got to get out and soak it up a little. One time, ok yesterday, I accidentally wore my slippers to Target. I heard all the cool moms are doing it.

May will bring hopefully some more sunshine, leading to more playing outside. The dogs are in obedience school so we will be in full “sit and stay” mode around here. We are throwing a party/ baby shower for our sweet friends the Ervins this coming weekend. We are having sod put down in the backyard!!! (Yay for a place to play without getting all dirty!) Our lovely friend Brittany Webb is coming to visit for a weekend with her little guy Callum and my sister in law will bring herself and my precious niece down that weekend as well. The new season of Arrested Development comes out on the 26th (which makes Brandon really happy. I better catch up on the other seasons.) and to top it all off, Judah’s Uncle Justin is coming home from the World Race! Yay for May!

A joke for you…
Can February March?
I don’t know, but April May!