Zoo Day

Brandon had this Monday off due to MLK day, and we were blessed with some beautiful 60 degree weather, so we trekked to Asheboro, NC to the North Carolina Zoo. We met Kristin and Brian (my sister and brother in law) and our niece Iliana.  IMG_6863

Judah was pretty into seeing the animals. When he spotted one, he would point right at it, and usually make it’s animal sound. He mostly just liked running along the path though. Which was a good thing since we forgot the stroller, ha. IMG_6867


The Asheboro zoo is beautiful. really spread out with plenty of room for the animals, which means a whole lot of walking for the humans. IMG_6882


25 weeks pregnant, and the walking felt good, until the next day. yikes.

The highlight of the kiddo’s day was probably the large floor fans in the aviary. Judah couldn’t get enough of his hair blowing in the wind.IMG_6915

And Illy got in on the fun too. IMG_6920

(Quacking at the ducks)
IMG_6922This peacock running around gave Judah quite a shock, but Illy was ready to catch him. 🙂

It was a really fun day! It’s really special to get to do these things with Judah before his little brother comes along.


19 months

Oh Judah, somewhere between a baby and a full-blown toddler. IMG_6805

He says thank you, probably more clearly than any of his other words, and for just about everything. It melts us.

He is obsessed with books. You will be hard pressed to find him without one during the day, and they are strewn all over his room, the house, the car, etc. IMG_6816

He loves chrucks. Every noise outside must be a chruck. His Didi got him a chruck book for Christmas and I get the pleasure of reading it with him several times a day. IMG_6822

He’s a fan of bas-et-ball. IMG_6830

We’re a fan of the way he claps for himself after making a shot.IMG_6840

Happy 19 months Judah Obi Wong.IMG_6841

Discovery Place Kids


This weekend we decided to brave some rainy weather and head out to take Judah to Discovery Place Kids, in Huntersville, NC. It’s about 20 minutes from our house. I had been there before a few summers ago but Judah and Brandon had never been. It’s an all hands-on children’s museum for kids. I was curious to see how Judah would like it because even though he loves to explore and experiment, he is still on the younger side for a museum like this and I knew it would be a bit crowded and a little overwhelming on a rainy Saturday.
Discovery Kids 1

They have so much stuff to explore. A full size fire truck, and lots of other things to “drive” like a tractor, a boat, and airplane, a race car, and a few more. Judah loves anything with a steering wheel so they were all a big hit. He warmed up quickly even with lots of other kids running around and we were having fun watching him have fun. discovery kids 2

They have a little mock restaurant where the kids can cook and serve their parents meals at little booths, and a sweet little grocery store where you can fill your cart with goodies and even check out on a little conveyer belt. discovery kids 3

They have a huge water table with full sized plastic bibs (thank goodness.) There is a huge room for creating art with pretty much any medium. We steered clear of that area, knowing the mess Judah would have made, but we may give it a try next time when it’s less crowded. discovery kids 4In the center of the museum is a huge jungle gym with a slide. Being 24 weeks pregnant, I only made it up and down with Judah once and then Brandon stepped in and went a few more times with him. At the end of our time we decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and get season passes. That way we can go during the week this winter for something fun to do outside of the house, and maybe spend a few more rainy Saturdays there as well. If you live in the area I highly suggest it, or just come visit us  and Judah can show you around. 🙂

18 months

Happy Half Birthday Judah!


We love the way you put the letter B in front of some of your words. like “bup” for up.
The way that you love to dance and always clap your hands and say “Woooo” at the end of a song.IMG_1180

We love how much you love books and we sometimes find you reading all alone in your own little words.
We love how much you love bags, and how you will load your arms up with them and carry them around the house waving bye bye to us. IMG_1185

We love your fascination with stickers and bubbles, and the way you say “cheeeeese.”IMG_6741

We love how snuggly you are after you get up from your nap, and the way you want to ride on your daddy’s back all over the house. IMG_6743

You surprise us daily with the new things you learn how to do.IMG_6744

We love you buddy!

17 months

Judah is 17 months.

IMG_6583He will talk your ear off a mile a minute, but just say “nope” when you ask him to do something specific. Say hi to Grandma, “nope.” Sit down, “nope.” Come this way, “Nope.”


He gets a little sad when we leave him in the nursery or with a babysitter but then warms up quickly and doesn’t seem to have missed us by the time we have returned.


Gets involved doing one single task and sticks with it for a long time. Things like transferring blocks from one container to another, going down the slide over and over, or pretending to answer his plastic cell phone.


He mostly likes to talk to us using words we don’t understand, but he does know a few actual words. His favorites are Bruce, this, snack, teeth, nope, ball, please, cheese, hi, bye, night night, and bath.

I’m often amazed at what he understands. I’ll say things like, “go tickle daddy’s feet” and he does it. Or “go find your cho0 choo” and he can find it hidden someplace. He can also use the remote to turn on the tv, yikes. IMG_6607

His laugh continues to be probably my most favorite sound in the whole wide world. It’s just so jolly. IMG_6610

He’s definitely a toddler now. He knows what he wants and how to at least try and get it done.
We love this little guy so so much.

16 months

Judah is 16 months.

He loves to wave and say hyeee or byeee. Including when getting in or out of his car seat.


It’s safe to say he is officially walking, no more crawling for this guy.


He is much better at letting us know what he wants, using a combination of words, pointing, and signing.IMG_6360

He is really into figuring things out, or sorting things, or putting things into a bag or box and then taking them out and putting them somewhere else. IMG_6369

He is no longer content riding in the shopping cart without a snack or other distraction. Gone are the days of leisurely strolling through Target.IMG_6389

He loves Curious George.IMG_6401And we’re crazy about him.

{most pictures taken at Hodges Farm, if you’re local and looking for a sweet and simple pumpkin patch, it’s a winner.}

Guess What!?

Big Bro

Yep, you guessed it.

Big Bro

This little guy is going to be a big brother.

Big Bro

Baby Wong #2 is due April 29th, and we are really excited about it.

Big Bro

Thank you for your prayers, support, and tips for having two babies. 😉

Big Bro

(The glasses belong to Judah’s uncle Justin and he seriously loved wearing them. What a goof.)

15 months


15 months. 22 pounds. 29 inches.



loves his dog brothers, and looking out the window.

takes a few steps on his own.


had his first hairs trimmed. The mullet was getting to be too much.


Has a very sweet and calm personality.


likes to eat. a lot. and is hypnotized by the tv. is currently obsessed with “what the fox says.” yikes.


Is the sweet to our potato, the cheese to our macaroni, the peanut butter to our jelly.

14 months- a post without pants

Excuse the pictures being a bit blurry. I am not the best photog and Judah isn’t the best at being still. 🙂

14 months.

Judah is a sweet little guy with a really great demeanor.


He is quite curious and adventurous. You can find him climbing onto or into things and emptying out every bucket, box, drawer, cabinet, hamper, bin, or bag he can find.


He isn’t fond of getting his diaper changed or putting on clothes.


He has more teeth than I know about. Literally, I don’t know how many he has. If I had to guess I would say at least 10 with three on the way.

He likes books. and balls. and books that have balls in them,

and being destructive.


He could spend all day opening and shutting doors. He waves a lot, and blows kisses now with the correct side of his hand.

at the door

We love you buddy.

13 months

13 months

This kid slays me.

13 months

He is becoming quite the investigator/ examiner. He takes things apart and tries to put them back together, seemingly trying to “figure it all out.”


He is content to play and explore on his own but then will crawl over for a quick cuddle/hug/tackle before heading off on his next independent adventure. IMG_5479

He immediately leans in for a deep hug after nap time. Be still my heart.IMG_5491

He is so silly. He cracks himself up, and us too.
IMG_5488What a sincere and deep deep joy it is to be his mom.