30 before 30 : updated

30 before 30 (2)

We’ve marked a few more things off of the list, and there are even more that we intend to cross off before 2014! Whoa, I think that’s the first time I’ve typed 2014 and it seemed a bit weird…where’s my flying car already?

So we traveled out of state to go see Heidi in DC and while we were there saw a show, so we got to mark off two things!
And, this month, I hosted a little craft brunch at my house and forgot it was even on the list until I pulled it up to mark off the things from DC. Some girls came over and sipped coffee and listened to Christmas music while we made fabric Christmas garlands. It was fun and they turned out really cute. I can’t wait to have people over to get crafty again. 🙂 Below is a picture of the one I made included on our Christmas mantle this year.


I hope you all are having fun doing your Christmas preparations. I pray that it isn’t a stressful season but one that is full of joy for you and your family. 🙂



pregnancy 1

As of last Tuesday, I was 20 weeks pregnant. As in, halfway through this pregnancy. In some ways it feels like I should be more than halfway, and in someways it feels like I should be much less. My due date is just over 4 months away and that seems really far and super close at the same time.
This time around has been different in a few ways than it was with Judah. From about weeks 10 to 12 I was pretty nauseous, but thankfully that has passed. I had a lot of hip, back, and leg pain with Judah from about day one which I haven’t had (yet) with this one, praise Jesus! I am sure that it is partly due to being more pregnant in the winter this time but I am insanely congested. I am thankful for a friend lending us her humidifier which is making sleep happen much easier. I started showing about a month earlier this time which I hear is to be expected, but hopefully I don’t end up larger than last time because, yikes. As far as cravings go, this time it’s sweets for sure which is unfortunate. Although I did for a few weeks early on crave prepackaged breakfast sandwiches, seriously that’s not a joke. Why can’t I crave spinach or carrots? It’s gonna be hard to resist eating allllll the goodies this season.
Overall this pregnancy has been pretty uneventful and good. I am one of those people who enjoys being pregnant, (well as long as they continue to be pretty easy, ha.)
We are extremely thankful for this healthy baby boy and we don’t take lightly the miracle we are getting to take part in. Thanks for all of your kind words and prayers as we continue for the second half of this pregnancy.


Thanksgiving 2013 Part Two: Eating and the Deec

After finding out the gender of our new baby boy, we spent the rest of the morning watching the parade on tv, drinking cider and eating cinnamon rolls, yum.
We spent the afternoon at the home of my brother in law’s parents. Did you catch that? As in, Brandon’s sister’s husband’s parents. They are close family friends and they share most holidays together. The food was so so good. I never doubted that it would be. I think my favorite thing about big holiday meals is all the yummy side dishes. I never spend enough time on side dishes for regular dinners at home and would be perfectly happy eating only sides at pot lucks and family get togethers.

Friday morning we hopped in the car and began our five hour journey to Washington Dc to visit our friend Heidi and see If/Then the new musical with Idina Menzel. All planned by Brandon. Love him.

IMG_0875Judah did way better in the car than we anticipated so that was a super plus. Thank goodness for Cheerios.

IMG_0894 IMG_0897We spent most of the weekend just hanging out with Heidi at her place watching Christmas movies and eating Thanksgiving leftovers and hitting a few local eateries as well. We spent some time at the botanical gardens but our Saturday nap skipper slept through the entire thing.

Saturday night Heidi hung out with Judah while Brandon and I went to see Idina Menzel in If/Then.

IMG_0911 IMG_0909The show did not disappoint even a little and neither did Idina.
If you can’t make it to DC to see it, It’s headed to broadway in the spring.

It was a really fun long weekend getaway, but after fighting the holiday traffic on Sunday we were ready to be home for more Thanksgiving leftovers and getting ready for Christmas!

Thanksgiving 2013 Part One: Gender Reveal

Thanksgiving was a bit extra special this year because we found out the gender of Baby Wong #2.
The Tuesday before Thanksgiving we had our anatomy scan and the nurse made us close our eyes a lot so we wouldn’t spot the goods before she wrote it down in a little envelope for us. Brandon and I kept trying to get Judah to look at the screen when we couldn’t, but he just wouldn’t comply. He just kept making animal sounds and saying “baby.” Typical, cute but not very helpful.
Upon arriving home, I gave the envelope to our roommate Julia along with 2 packages of balloons, one pink and one blue, and a needle. Her job was to poke holes in all of the colored balloons that weren’t for the gender of the baby we were having. So I spent most of the day Wednesday avoiding the balloons and packing for our long weekend away.
Wednesday afternoon we headed to High Point, NC to Brandon’s parents house. We stayed there Wednesday night and early on Thursday morning before the parade, my niece and sister and brother-in-law came over so we could have our little reveal with the whole family there. Everyone picked the color of balloon that they thought the baby might be.
Below is the video from our little reveal, excuse the parts where we chase babies around, and the obnoxious music coming out of the toy that Judah is carrying.

It’s a boy! Judah’s getting a little brother.I didn’t actual think the incorrect balloons would pop, just inflate a little and deflate, but it did add to the excitement of the moment.
I spent some of that day in a bit of shock about having 2 boys. It’s gonna be a bit of a wild ride I think, but I anticipate lots of fun in our future.  Anyone with two boys want to share some insight? I’m gladly accepting any and all advice on raising boys. 🙂




I always say every month has been good. I’m most usually telling the truth, and November was no different.
It started and ended with a bang.

At the beginning of the month our friend Erin and Scott got married in just about the sweetest darn barn wedding I’ve ever been too. It was tons of fun and just a really sweet night of celebrating them and their new marriage. Brandon’s birthday was later that week and we celebrated by going out to dinner and trying to see a movie but we are old and couldn’t stay up late enough to watch it (true story.) We also through a classy and sassy surprise party at our house for our friend Janet’s 30th birthday complete with corn dogs, Justin Beiber cake and the wobble. hilar.

I turned from that pregnant woman who looks like she may have just eaten a large burrito into one who gets asked when she’s due by people at the grocery, which is a relief in some ways. I hate that awkward in between stage. And I’ve decided I am not one of those woman who grows out when she’s pregnant, I grow around. Oh the joys.

Thanksgiving weekend was as sweet as it’s been in many years, and it will get it’s own complete post in a few days. We spent a couple of days in High Point with the Wongs and found out the gender of Baby Wong 2. Then Brandon planned a weekend in DC for us. Judah came with, and we stayed with our friend Heidi and saw If/Then with the fabulous Idina Menzel. Neither she nor the show disappointed.

Alrighty, I plan to post a few more things in the coming days to catch you up on our gender reveal and our Thanksgiving goodness plus how I feel about being at the halfway point in this pregnancy so hopefully I’ll see you around. 🙂


17 months

Judah is 17 months.

IMG_6583He will talk your ear off a mile a minute, but just say “nope” when you ask him to do something specific. Say hi to Grandma, “nope.” Sit down, “nope.” Come this way, “Nope.”


He gets a little sad when we leave him in the nursery or with a babysitter but then warms up quickly and doesn’t seem to have missed us by the time we have returned.


Gets involved doing one single task and sticks with it for a long time. Things like transferring blocks from one container to another, going down the slide over and over, or pretending to answer his plastic cell phone.


He mostly likes to talk to us using words we don’t understand, but he does know a few actual words. His favorites are Bruce, this, snack, teeth, nope, ball, please, cheese, hi, bye, night night, and bath.

I’m often amazed at what he understands. I’ll say things like, “go tickle daddy’s feet” and he does it. Or “go find your cho0 choo” and he can find it hidden someplace. He can also use the remote to turn on the tv, yikes. IMG_6607

His laugh continues to be probably my most favorite sound in the whole wide world. It’s just so jolly. IMG_6610

He’s definitely a toddler now. He knows what he wants and how to at least try and get it done.
We love this little guy so so much.

Coffee Date


Well hey there. I know I’ve been a bit absent around here lately. But here I am. Grab a cup of coffee or something warm, it’ll be hot chocolate with extra mallows for me, and let’s chat.
Things around here have been pretty calm. I have been deep cleaning our house thanks to some inspiration from Dana. I pick one room a day to do either while Judah plays and makes a mess or while he naps. I’ve also been watching Parenthood. Probably one of the best shows ever. Have you seen it?
Even though I try my darndest to not do Christmasy things until after Thanksgiving, for some reason, this year I am extra into the Christmas spirit. I want to pull the boxes down from the garage and start decking the halls. Maybe I’ll go ahead and decorate the day before Thanksgiving so when we get back from out of town it will all be done. When do you start decorating? And what are your thoughts on getting a real tree with a toddler running around?
We got our family pictures taken this weekend. It was a last minute decision that I am really glad we made, and I can’t wait to see how they turned out.
What are your plans for Thanksgiving? We have our anatomy scan for Baby 2 the Tuesday before,e but are going to just ask the nurse to write down the gender for us so we can find out with the Wongs on Thanksgiving day. Brandon and I are anxious to find out the gender but also just to see him or her and make sure everything is going well.  I’m also anxious to see Brandon’s family and my favorite niece.
Thanks for hanging out for a while. Hopefully we can chat again soon. 😉



Yes, I realize we are well into November. But I didn’t want to miss out on recapping October because it was just so good! For starters, it finally turned to fall around here. We got to go to the renaissance festival, the pumpkin patch, Potted Potter,  and to the hot air balloon festival. Judah and Illy were the cutest Pebbles and BamBam there ever were for Halloween. Plus we spilled the beans on the new Baby Wong.

November has already started off with a bang. I sold some things from the shop at a market and it was really great. Plus one of our bestest friends got married. This weekend we threw a surprise birthday party for our friend Janet, and now we are gearing up for Thanksgiving and finding out the gender of the new baby!

What are you guys looking forward to this month?



The Some Things Wong etsy shop has expanded! I now have earrings for sale. 🙂 I think they are just about the simplest and cutest earrings you can find around. They are made from fabric covered buttons with steel posts and clasps on the back. They are great for gifts or just to treat yourself. 🙂 Above are just a few of the new line of earrings that you can find in the shop. And even more good news…..you can use the code “earring15” at checkout to get 15 percent off your pair! Enjoy!

16 months

Judah is 16 months.

He loves to wave and say hyeee or byeee. Including when getting in or out of his car seat.


It’s safe to say he is officially walking, no more crawling for this guy.


He is much better at letting us know what he wants, using a combination of words, pointing, and signing.IMG_6360

He is really into figuring things out, or sorting things, or putting things into a bag or box and then taking them out and putting them somewhere else. IMG_6369

He is no longer content riding in the shopping cart without a snack or other distraction. Gone are the days of leisurely strolling through Target.IMG_6389

He loves Curious George.IMG_6401And we’re crazy about him.

{most pictures taken at Hodges Farm, if you’re local and looking for a sweet and simple pumpkin patch, it’s a winner.}