Discovery Place Kids


This weekend we decided to brave some rainy weather and head out to take Judah to Discovery Place Kids, in Huntersville, NC. It’s about 20 minutes from our house. I had been there before a few summers ago but Judah and Brandon had never been. It’s an all hands-on children’s museum for kids. I was curious to see how Judah would like it because even though he loves to explore and experiment, he is still on the younger side for a museum like this and I knew it would be a bit crowded and a little overwhelming on a rainy Saturday.
Discovery Kids 1

They have so much stuff to explore. A full size fire truck, and lots of other things to “drive” like a tractor, a boat, and airplane, a race car, and a few more. Judah loves anything with a steering wheel so they were all a big hit. He warmed up quickly even with lots of other kids running around and we were having fun watching him have fun. discovery kids 2

They have a little mock restaurant where the kids can cook and serve their parents meals at little booths, and a sweet little grocery store where you can fill your cart with goodies and even check out on a little conveyer belt. discovery kids 3

They have a huge water table with full sized plastic bibs (thank goodness.) There is a huge room for creating art with pretty much any medium. We steered clear of that area, knowing the mess Judah would have made, but we may give it a try next time when it’s less crowded. discovery kids 4In the center of the museum is a huge jungle gym with a slide. Being 24 weeks pregnant, I only made it up and down with Judah once and then Brandon stepped in and went a few more times with him. At the end of our time we decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and get season passes. That way we can go during the week this winter for something fun to do outside of the house, and maybe spend a few more rainy Saturdays there as well. If you live in the area I highly suggest it, or just come visit us  and Judah can show you around. 🙂


16 months

Judah is 16 months.

He loves to wave and say hyeee or byeee. Including when getting in or out of his car seat.


It’s safe to say he is officially walking, no more crawling for this guy.


He is much better at letting us know what he wants, using a combination of words, pointing, and signing.IMG_6360

He is really into figuring things out, or sorting things, or putting things into a bag or box and then taking them out and putting them somewhere else. IMG_6369

He is no longer content riding in the shopping cart without a snack or other distraction. Gone are the days of leisurely strolling through Target.IMG_6389

He loves Curious George.IMG_6401And we’re crazy about him.

{most pictures taken at Hodges Farm, if you’re local and looking for a sweet and simple pumpkin patch, it’s a winner.}