I’m moving!

Alright, It’s not as exciting as you think, we aren’t actually getting a new house or anything, butttttttt, this blog is moving and that’s pretty exciting! (for me at least.)

So, this will be the last post you see here at somethingswong.wordpress.com because my super handsome coder husband has helped me build my very own url over at somethingswong.com! Yay! Don’t worry, I’ll still be journaling my way through all of the things with similar posts to what you have been seeing here, it will (hopefully) be able to reflect a little more of my style, and you will be able to navigate around a little easier.

So, hop on over to the new and improved Some Things Wong and check out the latest post on all the things that are new and how to make sure you never miss a post. See you over in my new home sweet home!